Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




For concerns about security or demolition and construction contact Westbank at 1 888 805 2203


 Write or Phone the local Councillors: 


 To comment on any aspect of the development write to:

  • Ward 19 Councillor Mike Layton

Toronto City Hall

100 Queen Street West, Suite C47

Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2

Phone: 416-392-4009 

  • Ward 20 Councillor Joe Cressy

Toronto City Hall

100 Queen Street West, Suite C50

Toronto, ON  M5H 2N2

Phone: 416 392 4044



The Mirvish Village Task Group was convened to evaluate the Westbank proposal with particular attention to how it impacts the adjacent neighbourhoods. This task group has representation from all four Residents’ Associations of the affected residential areas.

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