Updated construction schedule :

to see the demolition dust control plan click here: 2017-10-30 Westbank Dust Control Plan

to view Westbank’s supporting documentation click hereviewSupportingDoc (5) (1)

Westbank has begun large scale exterior demolition of the Honest Ed’s store and two houses on Markham Street. The work begins at the rear parking lot with trucks exiting through the alley onto Lennox Street. All work will take place between 7 am and 4 pm.

For Mirvish Village Task Group’s guiding principles and focus for transportation, click hereMVTG_Transportation Guiding Principles and Focus Areas_FINAL_4Nov2017

Our community’s involvement in the Mirvish Village redevelopment is continuing through a process of committee discussions between Westbank (the developer) the councillors, the City, four local residents associations, local businesses and other stakeholders.
City Council’s approval of the development, driven by Councillors Cressy and Layton, included ongoing community input on construction management and planning, site plan, park space, public realm and a new business plan.
 The mandate of the Construction Management Committee (CMC) is to provide community input and advice throughout the construction of Westbank’s redevelopment of Mirvish Village and the former Honest Ed’s store. The CMC is an advisory committee and not a formal commenting or decision-making body. The CMC will take a productive and proactive approach to problem solving by reviewing, highlighting potential concerns and working to solve those concerns before they take place.
You can view the terms of reference of this committee here: 2017-04-05 CMC Terms of Reference Final June 22
 As of September 2017, there have been three meetings of the Construction Management Committee which has already shaped the construction planning to ease impacts on the neighbourhood.  Westbank has proved to be open and receptive to this process. 
The Mirvish Village Task Group’s Construction Management committee has been  approached by other residents’ associations to share experiences and help guide other neighbourhoods through the construction phase of major developments.
To view the anticipated schedule of construction click here : # 3 – 2017-08-24 – MV – Project Breakdown
To view updated perspective drawings of the development click here: viewSupportingDoc (24)
Minutes of the June 2017 meeting can be viewed here : 2017-06-22 Westbank CMC Final Mtg Minutes
Minutes of the July 2017 meeting are here : 2017-07-21 Westbank CMC Mtg #2 Final Minutes

Minutes of the October meeting here: 2017-10-19 Westbank CMC #5 Meeting Minutes

Extensive, third party documentation of the demolition is available in a separate post on this website site.
The condition of Lennox Street in August 2018 :