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* Mirvish Village’s Public Art

“Mirvish Village will have a number of Stella-designed sculptures that, like the original painting, will use a combination of abstract geometric shapes and bright fluorescent colours. The sculptures offer a more modern take on the original painting’s concept, similar to how the redeveloped Mirvish Village will modernize the traits of its previous iteration.”

*Build a Better Bloor!

Further to the west along Bloor Street another residents’ group is hoping to shape another large, mixed-use development…

“Building a Better Bloordale is an independent community network invested in making the Bloor-Dufferin Development the best possible for Bloordale, Bloorcourt and Toronto.  

We are a group of volunteers—residents, businesses, parents—who care about and are vocal in the planning and design process and decisions regarding the new development of a condo and rental development, a redeveloped school site and a cultural and social community hub, as well as other amenities on a 9-acre site on the south-west corner of Bloor and Dufferin Streets.”

What’s all the fuss about? The Toronto District School Board has sold the 7.3 acre parcel of land at Bloor & Dufferin where Bloor Collegiate and the former Kent school now stands. There is a provision in the sale agreement for the provision of a 30,000 Sq. ft. space for a Community Hub.

Key issues are: What will happen to the school?  How will the money be used by the TDSB? Will the amount of greenspace decrease? What will the Community Hub look like (physically and figuratively)? Who will run it? How will it be funded?

Here’s the link to the Building a Better Bloordale website

Here’s a link to a Globe and Mail article (April 6, 2018) about the proposed development at Bloor and Dufferin

And a link to a Toronto Star article, April 19, 2018, about the developments along Bloor

* Visual records of the demolition of Honest Ed’s

Honest Ed’s is gone.

“It’s like you’re looking through something, as if there’s a ghost hovering just above the bare ground…”


The following were recorded as the last bits of Honest’s Ed and Mirvish Village were being demolished: 

Bird’s eye-view of the demolition :

The demolition viewed from street level:

Demolition of the sign at the corner of Bathurst and Bloor: :

Rick Salutin in the Toronto Star, an “opinion piece” about the demolition:

Some Instagram links and photos in BlogTO :

Overview of demolition and anticipated schedule of construction:


residents of Palmerston Blvd win a ruling at OMB to restrict restaurants on the west side of Markham

 The attached video is an editorial  from TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin.  Is there NIMBYism in Residents’ Associations or is there merit to citizens’ concerns? The Agenda speaks to Toronto’s outgoing chief planner, Jennifer Keesmaat, who is a champion of densification, about the opposition to development. The development in question is an 8 storey building in the Annex but the discussion also references the Mirvish Village Task Group.
click here to view :


*And so it goes… the removal of the Honest Ed’s sign

I think it’s amazing that people care so much about an old sign…” David Mirvish, May 23, 2017. Part of the massive Honest Ed’s store sign will be installed on the Mirvish Theatre.

To watch the Toronto Star’s recording of the sign removal process click here

Also see :

*For the Record : Westbank proposal adopted at TEYCC

On April 4,  Westbank’s third proposal to develop Mirvish Village and Honest Ed’s was adopted by Toronto East York Community Council.

You can read MVTG and PARA’s deputations here: Presentation to TEYCC 04.04.17 HVRA’s deputation here: TEYCC Westbank final  SVRA’s deputation here: SVRA Deputation WB TEYCC April 4 2017

To watch the full meeting, which includes a ten minute presentation by Graig Uens summing up three years of work on this project by City Planning, comments from the councillors and deputations from a diversity of citizens, click here and move the time marker to 1:02.29, Item 23.6 :

To review the full documentation of the adopted motion – including reports and amendments, click here: